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Wedding Planner vs. Venue Coordinator

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Do I need both? What exactly does the Venue Coordinator do during my wedding?

Those are two of the questions that I probably get asked most when I tell couples we have a venue coordinator for every wedding.

I can't answer for every venue because we all are going to be a little different, but I can tell you what our staff does and what some of the planners do that I have worked with. **Disclaimer- PLEASE be sure you are getting information from YOUR Wedding Planning if you hire someone. My statements are pretty general and you will need to have any specific conversations with the person you hire!

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Wedding Planner

I definitely have to start by saying that if you are even considering a planner, JUST DO IT! Check out my favorites at the bottom of this page. Think of them as your guardian angel of all things wedding, a fairy godmother, sometimes complete with wand that makes magic happen! Your lip gloss will suddenly be in your hand before you even know you needed it, your Pinterest board vision appears in real life right before your eyes and even better than you imagined, all the stress of planning and coordinating melts away... you get the idea, they are awesome!

  • Usually hired early in your wedding planning process, but can be brought in at any time.

  • Most offer full planning, partial planning, day of coordinator, or some variation of those packages.

  • Even DIY brides can absolutely benefit from a planner.

  • Their focus is 100% on the couple, your wedding vision, and NO STRESS.

  • A few things that full planning typically includes: review your other vendor contracts, talk to vendors, put timelines together, suggest and hire vendors, and be in frequent contract with you through most of your wedding planning journey.

  • Most will make your whole vision come together. They may offer pick up and drop off of rentals, organize other vendors on the day, design tablescapes and décor, setup and tear down.

  • Allow you, your family, and your guests to just relax and enjoy the entire day!

  • Coordinates getting you down the isle, your dances, cake cutting, music, dinner, send off...

  • An additional charge outside of venue or other costs.

Venue Coordinator at The Tin Ceiling

While most venues have staff that are 100% focused on the venue, we are a little different. It's not just cliché for me when I say I have a passion for weddings! I truly do love it and I want to be a part of your process from the beginning. I've definitely been told throughout my career in emergency nursing and this sweet gig as venue owner that I'm a calming presence in stressful situations. It's just a gift I've been blessed with, but one that I love to have especially when a bride or momma or another vendor even is having a tough time!

  • Available for questions, recommendations, and as many times as you want to come see the venue from the time you book.

  • Assist in décor or decorating ideas. Come out and show me your ideas, look through our décor room together, set up a table...

  • If vendors have venue questions, feel free to have them call me!

  • Myself or one of the other coordinators are with you on The Big Day prior to your ceremony starting and we are the last to leave for the night.

  • Assist in clean up and putting away tables and chairs.

  • Take care of all of the venue related things on your day. Keeping trash taken out, bathrooms stocked, adjusting temperatures, finding anything you need!

  • Taking care of the couple- I'll pray with you if you need it, go find your lip gloss, bustle your dress, have boutonniere pins in hand, help line up your wedding party, fix your dress on the way through the doors, and be the very first to say CONGRATULATIONS!

  • We work closely with your DJ if needed to keeping things flowing smooth, we can assist in serving if needed, and are happy to help coordinate vendors under your direction that are coming to the venue.

Decision Time!

Hopefully that outlines some major differences and helps you make a decision on what is important to you on your day. In short, your wedding planner literally takes care of everything for you, knows the details of your entire vision, plans out and executes the whole day, and is the point of contact for everything and everyone on your wedding day. The venue coordinator at The Tin Ceiling assists you or your family to make sure the day goes smooth and jumps in where you need them, but there still has to be a point person for questions and decisions.

My Favorite Planners:


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