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the investment

non-wedding events

Host showers, parties, or corporate events


Weekday Basic


Indoor Venue @ $75 per hour

Tables and Chairs

Minimum 4 hours

Up to 50 guests

Add Outdoor Space for $50 for 4 hours based on availability. 


Weekend Basic

Saturday, Sunday

Indoor Venue @ $100 per hour 

Minimum 4 hours

Up to 50 guests

Add Outdoor Space for $50 for 4 hours based on availability.


The Extra 

Indoor and Outdoor Venues

Up to 6 hours

Up to 100 guests



Rates depend on number of students and services needed. We would love to chat with you about prom options!


The Gathering Ground

The outdoor venue will be an option to rent separately soon!  Bathrooms are in progress and as soon as they are complete, you will be able to rent it as a stand alone offering as well. Check back soon!

For more info on specifically small events see FAQ below and also check out the FAQ page for general info. 

If you have 30 people or less, we also partner with Fealty Studio and you can add on The Gathering Ground. Check that out here!



Q: How many hours do I need to set up and clean up?

A: Varies on how much you intend to decorate, but a good average is 2-4 hours of time JUST for set up and clean up.  

Q: How do I set up the tables and chairs? 

A: Let's chat about this one! The one that I see the most is a horseshoe in the Main Room but there are endless options.  I am happy to give you suggestions and ideas!

Q: Can someone set the tables and chairs up for me? 

A: Yes, but there is an additional cost and it's based on availability. It's a good option if you don't have many people to help.  If you have a few hands to help, this goes really fast though and probably not worth it to pay us. 

Q: Do I have to pay for hours to meet you and go over design? 

A: Nope! I include a 30min meeting with me at no charge if you need some help determining layout, décor, style, design... 

Q: Can we bring in other vendors? 

A: Absolutely! We can recommend our favorites but you can use whoever you want. 

Q: Can we have alcohol at our event? 

A: Yes, with a professional bartending service. We can recommend our favorites. The exception to this is a Mimosa bar if you are doing a bridal shower. You don't have to hire professionals for this, but IF you are serving any other alcohol, you MUST hire a service. 

Q: What if I add on the outdoor space and it rains? 

A: There won't be any refunds offered for that space if it rains. However, you can wait until closer to time for your event to add it on. Just be aware that we share it with the studio connected to it so waiting may mean it's not available. 

Q: Can we use the furniture and décor at the venue? 

A: Yes! You have the same access to the furniture and décor as our weddings. There is a fully refundable security deposit required if you are borrowing décor. 

Q: What if I have over 50 people? 

A: Just let us know how many you are expecting and we can work that out. If it's a shower or birthday party, it's usually fine to just book the basic packages still, but let us know. 

Q: Do you do allow funerals or celebrations of life? 

A: Yes, we have been honored to host a few of these. We are not able to accommodate a casket, but you can rent for dinners after a service or to celebrate your loved one with photos or videos. 


Q: Is a venue coordinator included for our small event? 

A: No, there will not be anyone on site with you for your event. If this is something that you would like to add, reach out for price and availability. 


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