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About The Tin Ceiling

Located on Historic Main Street in Ash Grove, MO just 20 minutes west of Springfield and 60 minutes east of Joplin.  

This 150 year old building has painstakingly been restored to preserve all the rich history while still offering modern convenience, elegance, and romance!

The indoor venue has 2 large ballroom style spaces. The "Main Room" is apx 1700sqft, stained concrete floors, with high ceilings still covered in the original tin! A gorgeous mix of industrial and glamourous chandeliers grace the room with soft warm light while the glass storefront style windows bring in lots of natural light as well.  Exposed brick, plaster, and antique style wallpaper cover the side walls and an expansive brick wall with a very unique window cap off the back wall. A hanging bar the width of the brick wall allows for drapery or lighting to be hung. 

This space can hold up to 175 comfortably- our largest has been set up for 190. That includes chairs or tables and chairs. 

The "Bar" side is apx 1500sqft open space and includes a vintage bar that came out of a New York City speakeasy in the 20's! It's lived here for many years now and is a centerpiece of the space. This room has hardwood floors perfect for dancing the night away on, market lights hung from the ceiling, and carries the exposed brick and plaster walls throughout. The large double doors open to this room.  There are appliances and prep space behind the bar and guest bathrooms. 

how suite it is


The bridal suite is a blend of vintage industrial meets timeless beauty.  With antiques like our vanities and couch to the exposed brick or amazing window, we want each bride to find their perfect backdrop.  


We want you to feel relaxed, beautiful, and surrounded by elegance. The suite includes a full private bathroom with shower.

20210515-DSC01507 - Copy.jpg

We didn't forget the gentleman either.  Your groom suite is a throwback to when football was played with leather helmets, cars were cool, liquor was illegal, and speakeasies were all the jive.


From a vintage steamer trunk to surprisingly comfy theater seats and a private bar, we have made sure to include some unique photo ops for you as well.


The Beginning of Things 

I have been drawn to old buildings and the secrets they hold for as long as I can remember! When my husband, Shelby, and I found out our first building was for sale, we had to dig around! So with flashlights and a sense of adventure, we began peeling back the layers to find a stunning structure underneath.  The tin ceiling tiles and crown molding remained intact above drop down panels.  Brick and plaster walls were exposed under years of paint and paneling. I was immediately in love and knew this had to be a venue space restored to its beautiful history. We purchased the building in 2017 and began a very long 3yr reconstruction and officially opened for weddings in Dec of 2020- the year that large gatherings were all the rage... but we had our very first wedding on NYE and haven't looked back. 

By the next year, I knew that I really wanted to add an outdoor space somehow.  The buildings right across the street were some of the oldest on Main Street and the one on the end had fallen into just awful disrepair. You'll have to check the blog coming soon for all the grisly and glorifying details, but we purchased both of them, did a demo on the one that couldn't be saved, and here we are with an incredible private oasis in the heart of downtown Ash Grove that was the perfect addition.

Our goal is that when you walk through the doors of The Tin Ceiling you get at least a small sense of stepping back in time but also see a space filled with love and laughter that lends to any style of event. When you step through the gates or doors of The Gathering Ground, you feel some stress start to melt away, you imagine dancing and laughter under twinkling lights, and we highly encourage you to take off your shoes and sink your toes in some soft grass! It's good for your soul! 

 Whether you are a little vintage like we are, modern or urban, classic, romantic and whimsical, we hope you can imagine your wedding day or event at The Tin Ceiling.  

What's in a Name?

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20

I have prayed and believed for the Lord's will over this space since the moment I felt a pull to pursue it. I prayed for the right timing, for the right price, for the right people... and to be honest, there were just as many obstacles and reasons I could have just given up as their were ways I could see His hand in it. There were times I felt like "ok God, I must have misunderstood because NOTHING is going the way I wanted." But He's been faithful and allowed me to stand firm on what I feel like in my heart He has given me and trusted me with.  I'll have a blog coming about that in the future, but for now, this verse really talks about the fact that He is present among His people. I think Jesus loved a good party! We find Him at weddings, having dinners, and in big gatherings of people.  I want this space to be a place of sweet memories with people gathered in laughter, joy, and celebration! That is where the name The Gathering Ground came from. 

The Tin Ceiling is somewhat self explanatory but there's a little more to it for me! The original tin was really the reason that we purchased the building. Also, Ash Grove was once a stop on a very active passenger line for the train. The area was known as The Leaky Roof Railroad. (That's another story!) I wanted to throw back to a 1920's vibe when the town was really in it's heyday with the railroad and a happening Main St! Tin Lizzie kept coming to mind as well- yet another story, but essentially an old Model T that entered a race and looked to be in pretty rough shape but won!  The name just seemed to capture little elements that felt important to remember. 



Absolutely Beautiful Venue!!! Incredible Service!!! Would Recommend to Anyone!!!

Google Review by Nic 

There are a million event venues to chose from and they are all beautiful! But what sets this one apart for me was how the owner really cared! She makes herself available for whatever is needed. She wants every event to be as memorable as possible!

Google Review by Matthew 

Absolutely beautiful event center with an amazingly sweet and helpful owner who has an incredible eye for detail. I held a women's Christmas ministry event here and everything was perfect. The entire venue is amazing and is perfect for any gathering, including weddings!
Google Review by Chala

This is the most beautiful venue I’ve seen! The owner is very welcoming and so helpful! I for sure would recommend this venue to everyone.

Google Review by Ashley

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