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That Moment You Know

I'm thankful that my "moment" for the venue was captured. Not everyone has a photographer just capturing candid photos during those you know that you know that you know moments! I'm a pretty blessed momma and business owner to have my quite talented photographer daughter just wondering around with a camera sometimes!

I will tell our story one day about the remodel. People seem genuinely interested and I always thought that would be our first blog post, but the short story is: we bought a VERY old building with a LOT of hidden issues, we spent outrageous amounts of time, effort, money, blood, labor, time, money... you get the point. But at the end of it all, I have this photo that Sierrah captured during An Old Time Christmas on Main that was the very first time we were Open to the public. I know the exact thought in my head at this moment. That was when I knew that I knew that this was really it. I had opened a wedding venue. This dream was being realized all around me in this almost tangible cloud that I seemed to float through that night. People filed through and commented on this space that we had poured so much in to and while I was pretty clueless how this was going to work, I had all that child like wonder and expectation! We had booked a wedding moments after we hung the sign out front just a few days prior to this night. This face, this moment, this night, is a special one for me. If I start to feel discouraged and I allow myself to think about all the things I don't know about running this business, doing social media, algorithms, email funnels, contracts...I can look at the girl in this picture and bring back that moment that I knew. She wasn't her own worst critic that night and she wasn't worried about ALL the things running a business while working a full time job entails. She just knew deep in her being that God was bringing a dream to fruition.

I want to challenge you to bring to mind your "moment". Maybe it's when you knew you were going to marry your person. I mean, this is a wedding venue blog, so you are likely a bride to be! Maybe you are a small business owner as well. If you are lucky enough to have a photo, print it! However you happened to find yourself here or whatever your moment is, they are precious and they can be brought to mind in those other moments when you begin to doubt or it's a struggle, it's all overwhelming and you aren't sure it's the right thing, worth it, or even what you want anymore. For me, my faith is grounded in Jesus and I go first to His word for my source, but I also know that He gives us these seemingly non-spiritual little pieces of time that we can bring to mind that boost us back up just when we need it! I'm thankful for mine and I hope yours brings you back to something special that sustains you when you need it most! Happy Moments Friends.

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